Honoring the body. Alexander Lowen




#HonoringtheBody is the candid, highly-opinionated, and revealing memoir of internationally-acclaimed psychiatrist Dr. Alexander Lowen.

Dr. Lowen is the author of thirteen books on psychology and the founder of Bioenergetics Analysis. A pioneer in the field of mind/body psychology, Dr. Lowen has practiced psychotherapy for more than 60 years. After completing degrees in law and medicine, Lowen studied with Wilhelm Reich, M.D., an early disciple of Sigmund Freud. Building on Reichs views on the relationship between the body and the mind Lowen created Bioenergetics Analysis, an innovative form of mind/body therapy designed to help people resolve their emotional problems and realize their potential for love and healthy sexuality.

“If you have the willingness to accept the realities of life, you will live longer. It has allowed me to reach 93 years of age. I was raised to value the mind and intellect, not the body. Favoring the life of the mind went against my nature. Healing the splits between my mind and my body has been my life’s challenge. In the sixty years that I have practiced psychotherapy, I have learned that the pathway to emotional health is through the body. The underlying purpose of Bioenergetic Analysis has always been to heal the mind-body split.”

Totally agree with doctor Alexander Lowen.





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