What are the foods that #burnfat? To lose weight, we recommend a diet to lose weight quickly and reactivate metabolism. In this case, an excellent food is chilli. It Contains Capsicum, a chemical compound that stimulates both metabolic processes that those circulators. It seems that the consumption of chilli is able to increase the metabolic boost of 25% and foster a sense of satiety.

Among the foods that help you lose weight even remember whole grains. They contain complex carbohydrates and fiber that prevent insulin, the hormone that regulates the metabolism of sugar, to achieve a very high after eating. When there is a rise in blood glucose, in fact, the body is warned by the presence of an excess of sugars that can be stored in adipose tissue. Consequently, the body slows the metabolism and fewer calories are consumed.

If you want to follow a diet to wake up the metabolism, remember to eat your broccoli. It is vegetables which play an important purifying action thanks to the presence of plant fibers, able to promote the proper functioning of the intestine and the elimination of toxins. Among other advantages, also the intake of vitamins A, C and K, in addition to antioxidants and folate. The latter, in particular, are involved in the process of homocysteine metabolism, dangerous for the cardiovascular system when its value is too high.

In the diet to awaken the metabolism do not miss even green tea: contains epigallocatechin-3-gallate which allows the brain and nervous system to function faster, burning more calories. Very useful as salmon and sardines.
Even going to the gym 3/4 times a week, it helps a lot to shape the body and release tension daily and heavy energy that we carry inside.

It is important 3 times por week do #exercice, to improve the circulatory system, the

#drainageoftoxins, to swet, to tonifye the muscles and relax our mind.

Drink  1,5 liter of water por day ( residual footer/equal to 50mg/l )



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