Have #coldhands and  #feet, feel the skin itching like it was stung by needles or feel a tingling in the limbs are simply some of the best known inconveniences of poor circulation.

Numbness of arms and legs.
Pain and cramps in the hands and feet.
Edemas on the legs.
Difficulty healing in case of ulcers in the hands or feet.
Fingernails and toes fragile.
Loss of feeling in the extremities.
Migraine and headache.
Fingers and nails bluish.
Appearance of varicose veins.
Itching in the arms and legs.
Cramps in the buttocks and legs.
Lack of strength in the hands and feet.
Difficulty in walking.
Dizziness when standing up.
Smoke less, drink alcohol regularly, walk more, cycling and doing gymnastics for the arms and legs, practice swimming or other water activities. A walk of 40 minutes is ideal for anyone and brings many benefits. We also advise you to wear comfortable clothes, especially for sleeping, and avoid the low temperatures.

Consumption of foods rich in vitamin C activates circulation. Those who are rich are citrus fruits such as lemon, orange, kiwi, grapefruit and lime, as well as other fruits such as guava, strawberries, berries or berries red, watermelon and melon. They are rich in vitamin C also tomatoes, spinach, green and red peppers, brussel sprouts and parsley.

In addition, watermelon, tomatoes, strawberries contain lycopene, a substance that activates blood circulation. Another vitamin crucial for proper circulation is vitamin E. You can find it in large quantities in green leafy vegetables such as spinach and broccoli, or brewer’s yeast and wheat germ. They do well even vegetables and fruits rich in potassium, such as bananas.

Some oils rich in vitamin E and a high percentage of Omega 3 are: sesame oil, walnut oil,  almond oil, olive oil. In cases of poor circulation you can also eat the fruit that produces oil: olives, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, sesame and sunflower seeds. We advise you to complete the diet with egg yolks, oily fish and tablets of spirulina to improve circulation.

You should avoid foods high in saturated fats such as products made from whole milk, butter, cream, sausages, baked goods, because the triglyceride and cholesterol greatly increase the viscosity of the blood and this is something that It affects the circulation. Do not abuse the salt that absorbs water and affects the flow of blood.

The intake of proteolytic enzymes effectively reduces inflammation, such as bromelain pineapple that you can find in the form of supplements in any pharmacy or herbal medicine.

Apply fresh aloe vera juice on the affected areas.

Aplicate essential oils: lavender essential oil you put in almond oil or coconut oil and use it to massage the legs, feet, arms or hands.

Herbal teas: tea with leaves of yarrow and ginger infusions of horsetail, mistletoe, passion flower, ginkgo biloba, thyme, sage and rosemary are perfect to stimulate the circulation. Prepare an infusion choosing one of the ingredients you have at home, let boil 15 minutes on low heat, then let it sit for 5 minutes, strain and drink from a cup before each meal.

Walk, swim, run, 3 times a week is necessary to stimulate the #circulation.



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