Tensions in the body express conflicts.

TENSIONE MUSCOLAREchiropratica-460x250

Sometimes the tension expresses inner #conflict, an attempt to protect themselves from “inner problems” can be a defense against the emotions and instincts, the sexual pleasure and anger. May be the result of habit not to have breaks, to never give up the activity, physical or even mental. In all cases, especially if prolonged in the weeks or months, it can create problems. Many of us underestimate, sometimes they can not even feel it, only to fall victim to tears and muscle blocks very intense. Resolve it is important, both because it prevents other diseases, and because, saving energy, it helps to stay in the present more fully.

Everything that moves in the muscles

– Anxiety, worry

– Excessive sense of danger

– Hyper-activity, abuse power

– #Emotionalcontrol

– Inner conflicts

The immediate effects of our mistakes

– Weakness, difficulty relaxing

– Movements contracts, muscle aches

– Sleep disorders and sexuality

– Tendency to tear, tendonitis and osteoarthritis

– Poor concentration


Never underestimate the #muscletension, but study it gently and without wasting time

Do not neglect it

People first of all possible organic causes of this tension, especially when it is associated with acute pain. In all cases, do not wait too much to put hand to the problem. If you find you are tense, not to pause and sudden sharp. Better is a slowdown, it does feel the psyche and muscles a backlash that could make things worse.

You must review your lifestyle completely, try to find the way of wellness, from the nutrition, exercice and positive attitude, ask yourself if you are happy.

ask your expert.



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