sistema linfaticoNatural-Ways-to-Boost-Sluggish-Lymphatic-System

The #lymphaticsystem is the complex of capillaries, lymphatic vessels and organs that -within our organism-are designed to ensure the circulation of lymph. This is a fluid that fills the interstices present between the bodily cells: main task of the lymphatic system is performing the function of continuous drainage of the liquid from all tissues, except the central nervous system, bone and epithelial tissue.
The link between the lymphatic system and blood circulation system is very tight, so that the lymphatic system is often referred to as a section of the cardiovascular system.

The lymphatic system performs, first of all, the important role of drain tissue from liquids and waste substances in excess. These are pushed out of the cells from the arterial blood pressure, and contain waste substances different depending on the tissue from which they originate. For example, the interstitial fluid coming from the apparatus digestive tract -in particular from intestinale- is particularly rich in lipids. The function of the lymphatic system is to receive, through the permeable walls of his vessels, these interstitial fluids and waste substances, putting them back into circulation after being purified. The fact that the sap flows directly from the plasma ejected from the arteries makes it, in the outlying areas of the body, very similar in composition to blood plasma, for which differs by the strong presence of white blood cells and the lower concentration of proteins. The drainage function of tissue carried by the lymphatic system prevents the dangerous stagnation of fluids, and can be considered complementary to that carried by the bloodstream.

Next to the drainage function of the lymphatic system you may be numbered one linked to the metabolism of fats, thanks to which the sap allows the absorption of triglycerides. These, unlike other nutrients, are not directly absorbed by the capillaries but moving to the liver through the lymphatic system.

During his career within the lymphatic vessels, lymph is filtered by the lymph nodes, where it comes into contact with the lymphocytes and antibodies present there. While the lymph nodes perform a similar function to that of real filtering stations of the lymph, by blocking the spread of pathogens and in many cases of cancer cells, lymphocytes of which is enriched lymph transferring in part to the blood, to get to tissues and replace those used to exert the immune defense of the organism.

The lymphatic system is not working alone, or rather needs an ally as important and valuable: the intestinal flora. Let’s see why.
The beneficial bacterial flora acts as a defensive barrier, creating an environment inhospitable to pathogens, modifying the intestinal pH and making it unusable target cells by their presence on them.
The presence of these “microbes” in the gut of man therefore is not accidental, but responds to very specific needs. It is estimated that there may be about 400 to 500 different species that establish a balance can promote the absorption of nutrients derived from food, and increase resistance to disease. The intestinal flora is considered the driving force vital intestine.

Proper nutrition and Balanced
Avoid refined foods because they are poor in antioxidants and vitamins essential for the functioning of all biological systems. Preferring a ‘vegetarian food because rich in trace elements and minerals antioxidants, enzymes, dietary fiber.
Avoid toxic foods like alcohol coffee as they weaken the liver, an organ that works in synergy with the ‘digestive system and its possible overuse, directly alters the assimilative capacity of the small intestine.
A dangerous enemy: The Food intolerance.
It is estimated that over 70% of the population is affected. Of these people, only a small percentage in the know. Food intolerances are also recognized by the medical establishment, yet are often overlooked. Continue to eat foods that are “intolerant” can lead to long-term real diseases (colitis, rhinitis, headaches …)
Do not underestimate the stress.
Since stress inhibits and destabilizes the immune system, consequently
l ‘gut is the first organ to be affected, letting the bloodstream toxins that normally should be kept out and eliminated.



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