Antioxidant Foods.


The scale, known as ORAC (Oxygen Radicals Absorbance Capacity)
It helps us to quantify the antioxidant power of foods.

It is based on the absorption capacity of free radicals. The measure recommended by experts to staying healthy is to hire at least 5,000 ORAC units per day, an amount more than sufficient to protect against free radical damage.

Pomegranate juice 100 g = 6000 units
Red grape juice 1 cup = 5200 units
Cranberry juice 1 cup = 3500 units
Pomegranate fruit 100 g = 3300 units (approximately)
Guava 100 g = 2550 units
Green cabbage steamed 100 g = 2050 units
100 g cooked spinach = 2000 units
Cooked beetroot 100 g = 1800 units
Blackberries and wild berries 100 g = 1500 units
Black plums 3 = 1500 units
Brussels sprouts cooked 100 g = 1400 units
Grapefruit juice 1 cup = 1300unità
Pink grapefruit 1 = 1200 units
Strawberries 100 g = 1200 units
Orange juice 1 cup = 1,150

It is good to remember that intense physical activity requires higher intake of antioxidants due to oxidation implemented during sports. To those who practice this intense spot should hire more antioxidants than the average. In addition to combating the production of free radicals you should limit your overall calorie intake and consumption of fatty, fried foods, salt, cold meats and grilled meats. Introduce more antioxidant foods in your diet, varying them in days, it is a great way to stay healthy. In recent years, several scientific studies indicate the category Berry as the richest in antioxidant substances. This category includes, for example, the Goji Berry and Acai Berry.



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