ancianos_besoThe smile is so precious.

The smile establish a spiritual connection between souls and encourages communication between people, even if they are strangers to each other, and even if they do not speak the same language, because the smile is international, over race, religion, caste, education , etc.

The smile is used to break the ice in new situations and it’s like a mirror, because if you smile at someone in an instant that person will reciprocate your smile, because a smile is very contagious.
A sincere smile can mean happiness, gratitude, solidarity, kindness, tenderness, kindness, optimism, joy, love, approval, well-being, good mood, pleasure, acceptance, goodwill, and other similar virtues.

A smile is like a master key, the master key that opens any door, and is the best tool to break down barriers insurmountable.
We are easily able to show us smiling when we feel good, happy or satisfied.

However, there are occasions when, even if we do not like, we have to smile.

For example, in business. Whenever we deal with customers, we always smile, and in doing so, we must do it with genuine sincerity, because otherwise it would be an insult to the customer, and the result could be counterproductive.
Smile, even though it was a small sketch drawn on the mouth, when it is really sincere, involving the whole facial expression and expresses feelings genuine, deep soul and heart.

It has an incalculable force in relationships because it facilitates #communication, dialogue and reconciliation between people, and is a powerful tool in any business because it makes it more effective, more productive and more fun.

It is a clear expression of clean energy from our heart.

A big smile       Paola Frizzarin




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