To understand the sense #psychobiological an individual, we have to understand the environment in which he lives, habits, needs, expectations, desires, in a social picture. Better understanding of his life and his eating habits in key empathetic to know advise the more personalized and detailed #lifestyle.
It requires a change that will be possible only if the person is put into play, if he wants to change and improve itself through a more conscious relationship with your inner and outer world, more healthy and happy.
Everyone has the weight it deserves, because we are what you eat, and we are responsible.
I do not deal with prescription or biochemistry, I’m a #naturopath in #naturopathic #science, but the reasons that push people to have a relationship with food hardship, suffering, difficulties.
I do not deal with eating disorders, but people who want to feel good and better about themselves with others. Improve its image through physical activity, nutrition, detoxification, cleansing the body, through a dialogue salutogenic, stimulating natural healing processes.

This is the real Scientific modern Naturopathy, a way to be in a wellness field, with a smile from the heart.

In my blog, I public articles interesting for us, that is worth knowing.

Good life .

Paola Frizzarin
paola Sydney11950170_1055639537780324_8561576716008363421_o

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