Fresh market fruits and vegetables

Biological products:
the higher quality of organic products is not related to the content in macronutrients but is due to the reduced presence of chemical contaminants and the higher content of some micronutrients and antioxidants (especially carotenoids and flavonoids).
The National Institute of Research on Food and Nutrition (INRAN) has detected a nutritional superiority for example peaches, apples and organic kiwifruit which have a greater consistency and contain higher amounts of nutrients and antioxidants such as natural sugars, vitamin C, beta-carotene and polyphenols. Also the tomatoes studied indicate that the soil quality is a key factor but not the only: for example, the pulp bio contains less water and therefore presents a higher concentration of nutrients.
Certainly if we also consider that the absence of pesticides in fruits and vegetables allows us to also use the peel with confidence and that is just in the skin of the vegetables that focuses as much of the vitamins and bioactive compounds.
Another feature is that nutrition in processed products, obtained from organic farming, are only permitted additives, excipients and adjuvants from organic farming, or, if technology, only those deemed harmless by the EU Commission (for example, citric acid, ascorbic acid, anhydride sulfur), indicated in the appropriate lists. Among the spices it is allowed only the use of natural flavoring substances and is banned the use of synthetic dyes and any ingredient obtained or derived from GMOs.
The four differences with the traditional production method can be summarized in the non-use of:
chemical fertilizers that will eventually deplete the plant substances such as proteins and trace elements (nitrogen fertilizer), magnesium and minerals (potassium fertilizers), vitamins (phosphorus fertilizers);
pesticides / pesticides that are accused of lowering the body’s defenses, it causes allergies and damage the transmission of nerve impulses;
preservatives and dyes that are suspected to cause cancer (nitrite, nitrate, benzoate), to be irritating (sulfur dioxide), to cause allergies, states of restlessness, difficulty learning and elevate cholesterol levels in adolescents;
genetic manipulation whose risks are carcinogenesis, alteration of the ecosystem and other unpredictable effects.
However, if on the one hand we have low productivity, sensitivity to pests, other food obtained by this method provides a reduced use of plant protection products and thus a lower presence of residues in food leading to a collective well-being and welfare animals.

Vegetables and fruits are displayed.



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