The #peptides are a class of chemical compounds whose molecules have a molecular weight less than 5000 Dalton replaced by a chain of a few amino acids linked together via a peptide bond. The shorter peptides are the dipeptide composed of two amino acids joined by a peptide bond only.

Recent discoveries have shown that some peptides are able to modulate physiological functions of the human and animal, for this bio active peptides defined. Among the functions that they can perform: antihypertensive, immunomodulatory, antimicrobial, mineral carrier, antiviral.

For example, proteins or peptides having an action on lipid metabolism facilitate the mobility of cholesterol, other intervening on the immune system, other intervening at the level of the nervous system. They can act as such, or act in combination with other peptides and regulate the metabolic functions.

About cosmetic applications, is benefiting particularly from their mechanism of action defined the type key- lock, which enables each specific peptide stuck, with absolute precision, with an element of various kinds. This mechanism is the basis of various biological actions as specialized: stimulation and repair of skin tissue, wound healing, stimulation of the formation of macromolecules in different layers of the skin. On the market there are already many products containing peptides, the first to be used were the oligopeptides that act on the prevention and mitigation of expression lines, reducing or preventing the transmission of nerve impulses that allow the muscle to contract. In this way, the muscle does not move and does not cause wrinkles. The sector is rapidly expanding. Recently, the cosmetics industry has focused on the lipopeptides and on combining multiple oligopeptides to get a synergistic action.




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