The nickel allergy is present seems to differentiate intensity and is very common. Some people have problems only because of skin contact with nickel-containing objects and products, such as zippers, buttons, metal or detergents. Other parties, however, suffer from discomfort when they eat certain foods. The reactions and the symptoms can vary from person to person and depending on the intensity of the allergy to nickel.
Nickel is either a metal naturally present in the soil and in foods, is a waste product industry, eg as regards the fertilizers, the cigarettes and the exhaust gases of cars.
The nickel allergy is an allergy to accumulation.
This means that, in the most sensitive people, a strong accumulation of nickel in the body can lead to the unleashing of allergic reactions caused also by a contact with a minimum quantity of the substance. Other people have instead a tolerance level higher. The nickel allergy is diagnosed by patch testing. Following confirmation of his presence, it should follow the advice given to your doctor.
1) Redness of the skin, dermatitis, desquamation, and burning.
2) Itching, hives and appearance of small pustules in areas that have come in contact with metal objects.
3) Nausea and vomiting.
4) Headache, dizziness and vertigo.
5) Insomnia, difficulty falling asleep.
6) Increase or loss pesoapparentemente unmotivated.
7) Breathing problems and rapid heartbeat.
8) Canker sores and inflammation of the mouth and gums.
9) abdominal swellings, gastritis, colitis or constipation.
10) Fatigue and general malaise.

Generally avoid the food in cans and aluminum cans and prefer glass packaging. Attention also to aluminum pans and Teflon pans. It is generally recommended to replace as much as possible the pots and pans with alternatives in Pyrex glass.
Among the foods to limit or avoid, depending on the case, there are also some types  of processed  cheese, cheese, yogurt or cereal malt and whipped cream; some types of sweets, such as marzipan and liquorice and all it contains cocoa or chocolate. Attention to the baking powder and foods containing it, the composition of supplements of vitamins and minerals, fungi, margarine and some types of fresh fruit, including pears, apricots, pineapple and kiwi, as well as the vegetable fat hydrogenated, the stock cube, the fries and corn cakes or oat. The panorama of food or allowed to avoid is very varied.

There are products nickel free products in the market.



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