The allergy fact is nothing more than an exaggerated response of our  immune system to an agent (called “antigen”) normally harmless but which is recognized by the body as harmful.

It then triggers an over-reaction: the inflammatory process involves antibodies (IPE) and various cells, in particular mast cells and eosinophils whose activation leads to the release of chemical mediators (histamine and cytokines) responsible for the symptoms.

People allergic result apparently very controlled, quiet, cutlery, measured, myths, however, simultaneously harboring below the surface a deep repressed aggression (which are often not aware that just as often, but do not want to see or deal with: not by chance they know and are known as a quiet, easygoing, kind, generous).

This discrepancy creates a conflict that explodes, as it happens, right in the moment of confrontation with the outside world. Contrary to what you might think this is good and not bad for allergy sufferers, who finally find a way to flow completely physiological emotion that otherwise never would grant you a chance to vent.

In support of this connotation, remember that among the most common drugs aimed at treating allergic states are corticosteroids, which are potent inflammatory.They inhibit the excessive immune response appeasing the manifestation of anger, but side effects (hypertension, hyperglycemia, weight gain, ulcers, acne, insomnia) show, rather than a resolution of the issue, a more worrying, in terms of psychosomatic, “internalisation state rabid”, which no longer occurs outside but is “driven back down” to a more internal level, deeper.

Such a phenomenon that brings the problem from the outside inward is called “vicariazione regressive”, which means that the symptom, “sinking”, he loses all ability to communicate the inconvenience (and then to blow off steam), to bring attention the conflict that is consumed in the subject and, consequently, to be heard. In other words, lose the chance to be heard and thus be an opportunity to build self-consciousness for the person to prove it.




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