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<Licorice: has antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory action on the smooth muscle of the #stomach, gastritis against using a dry extract.
Licorice form a protective film on the stomach lining against the corrosive action of gastric juices and promotes rapid healing; Today the extract of licorice is essential in the preparation of various anti-ulcer medicines.
#Licorice is a natural remedy for good digestion.
Warning: the licorice can cause increased blood pressure, it should not be used then for hypertensive subjects.
It ‘also contraindicated in pregnancy and in children under 12 years.

<Chamomile: #Chamomile is used in the form of infusion. Relieves spasms and inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract.
To counter heartburn should be added to the chamomile flowers of mauve and white nettle.

<The #Melissa: In addition to having a mild sedative and anxiolytic action and is also a great natural remedy for #anxiety and #stress.
It has good spasmolytic action on the smooth muscle of the digestive tract due to the essential oil and flavonoids. The sedative effects of the plant also allow you to protect the stomach lining from ulcers related to painful spasms and hypersecretion of acid from gastritis.

<#Ginger  is very useful form of an extract in the case of gastritis with very strong episodes of nausea and vomiting. Ginger enhances the effect of antiplatelet drugs like aspirin and anticoagulants is then carefully evaluated its use in patients using these drugs.



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