Acne is an expression of externalization and change, occurs between 12 and 18, has a multifactorial origin, hormonal (excess androgenic activity of testosterone with impaired secretion of #sebum and keratin), bacterial, psychosomatic (acne excoriated), from drugs or chemicals.

Manifested by erythematous inflammation of the face, neck, shoulders and chest region; It characterized by hypersecretion of the sebaceous glands and hyperkeratosis of the pilosebaceous follicles. According to its manifestation differs in acne blackheads (comedones formation), papular (formation of pimples), papulopustular (formation of pimples pimply chepossono evolve into forms scar), cystic conglobata (nodules and cysts) and excoriated.

Symbolism in naturopathy: #acne expresses a rejection of one’s body and fear of becoming an adult. The development of the sexual organs of the body and creates an adolescent booster to responsibility; acne on the face and body tends to become ugly the #teenager, as if trying to communicate: “I do not want to be approached”, creating a form of protection.
The skin is the symbol of our identity, the image of ourselves that we present to the world. Very often we find this problem in people who do not love, do not know how to love each other, who have low self-esteem (the most exposed are the shy and introspective). In fact, people are basically folded back on themselves, which is why acne often affects teenagers too demanding with themselves and easily experience feelings of shame.
Adolescence, in fact, is a critical developmental period as it crosses moods, evolutions, transformations that span many fields of existence: the everyday is painted in small challenges, tragedies, great achievements and bitter defeats. Those suffering from this skin disease usually fears and holds within himself his emotions. But when these are beyond the control and will “draw” on the skin, expressed in the language of the body everything is silent.

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