#Gardner, in his first formulation of the theory, described seven types of #intelligence:

1. Logical-mathematical intelligence, which enables the comparison and evaluation of objects (concrete or abstract), the identification of relationships and principles, the ability to use numbers to perform complex calculations, interest in the investigation. Eg. Ability to assess the wide spaces in the same way the pilot or a navigator, or tight spaces, as they would a sculptor, an architect or a chess player)

2. Linguistic Intelligence, which allows an appropriate use of linguistic terms and the ability to adapt to many situations, both in writing and orally; memory and ability to use the language in puns.

3. Intelligence visual / spatial, essential to perceive and represent visual objects, and any further processing on their perceptions, even in the physical absence of the same objects (mental visualization) and a graph of these elements through drawing, painting, sculpture, etc. .

4. Musical intelligence, or ability to analyze music, relative to the height of the sounds, the sounds and rhythms and skills in their reproduction.

5. kinesthetic intelligence, control and coordination of the movements of his body and the manipulation of objects outside for functional purposes or expressive. This intelligence includes specific physical skills such as coordination, strength, flexibility, speed, the ability to camouflage. Eg. Intelligent dancer, athlete, craftsman, actor.

6. Interpersonal intelligence, ability to interpret emotions and moods, intentions, feelings of others. This may include active listening skills, empathy, sensitivity to facial expressions, voice, gestures and ability to respond to others effectively. Ie. Understanding of other people, how they work, how to motivate them, how to get along with them.

7. intrapersonal intelligence, ability to understand their emotions, intentions and desires, describe them and use them in socially acceptable forms.

The most important thing about this theory of #multiple #intelligences is that every individual has the opportunity, if put in the right conditions, to shine in some kind of intelligence, and this also applies to the subjects traditionally considered just brought to the school subjects taught in school. For this, according to Gardner, education should be individualized, including through the use of technology, primarily the computer and especially the Internet, the use of which teaches people the knowledge currently more important: get the most information possible.

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