Alopecia can have multiple causes related to hereditary factors, #stress or #hormonal changes.

The most common are:
* An excess of DHT, hormone damaging to the hair follicle
* Imbalance sitema immune (white blood cells attack the cells of the follicles)
* Stress and Nervous
* Therefore treatments and medications
Regardless of heredity or hormonal hair, like fingernails, affected much of the quality of food, which should favor foods that are high in polyphenols or catechins, precious oxidants essential for the body’s defense.


There are various forms of alopecia, but the best known is androgenetic alopecia, due to an excess of DHT (dildrotestosterone hormone harmful to the hair follicle) and characterized by hair loss at the zones front and top of the head. The disorder mainly affects men and may also develop very early during sexual maturation.
Even women, however, may be affected #alopecia, especially when menopause occurs. The hair loses first force, the stem tapers, the foliage is less bright and then the stalks begin to break and the hair to fall out.
Alopecia areata is quell’alopecia manifested with bald patches of hair.

Supplement in the diet fruit and fresh organic vegetables, green tea, coffee Arabica (100%), red wine, extra virgin olive oil cold pressed: all foods rich in polyphenols.

Among the plants that there are Serenoa repens, green tea (Camellia sinensis), used in the form of extracts in vials for clutches on the scalp.
Green tea, then, also contains substances with high antioxidant, Ginkgo biloba, a plant whose extracts can improve the blood circulation of the hair bulb. The maidenhair is useful for revitalized one of the scalp and against hair loss.

Is widespread in women than in men, the so-called hair loss telegenic consists of a temporary hair loss that can be light and harmless as abundant and obvious.
The main causes of this type of alopecia are to reconnect to periods of heavy physical and psychological #stress (ie anxiety, too much responsibility, depression, or working hours too intense), trauma, the post-partum period, dieting too strict with relative copious weight loss, some disorders (such as endocrine disorders) as well as the use of certain medicines or taking it for long periods of drug therapies.
A body weakened, therefore, creates an alteration of the life cycle of hair that flows into a telogen effluvium: specifically the hair in the anagen phase tend to quickly go to the telogen (jumping, therefore, the intermediate stage, which is the catagen).
If usually a scalp health presents a percentage ranging from 4% to 9% of hair in the telogen phase, when it triggers the defluviom telogen percentage rises to 35%.
With the telogen hair loss, in fact, it is a microcristallizzazione of the hair, which makes it thin and very weak. Along with the treatment, which usually lasts three months, it is good to try to relax the mind and the body: better thus reduce working hours, regulate the hours of sleep, fight the anxiety and stress with sports, meditation and try to spensierarsi in way that best suits their personality, and specific professional treatments fall.




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