Hyperpigmentation is a change in #color of the skin, usually the face, but often in the hands and other parts of the body most exposed to solar radiation. The term covers many different forms, from common freckles that characterize the naughty side of Pippi Longstocking, for example. Freckles are small circular dark spots, which focus on the face, shoulders, neck, torso and hands of people with fair skin and red or blond hair. They are present throughout the year in the face of these issues, but became more evident in the summer with exposure to sunlight. Freckles are very similar, which, however, only occur with prolonged exposure to the sun. Both forms of hyperpigmentation are genetic and affect people with light skin and hair and / or reddish. Another way to freckles is skylight that forms due to overexposure to sunlight; It is more commonly called “skin sunspot”. Then there are age spots formed by the accumulation of sun damage. Another way of hyperpigmentation, in severe place, melasma is caused by intense and uneven accumulation of melanin; if only spots freckles, melasma is a much more extensive and unsightly place. Is finally post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is formed in the presence of scars, burns, eczema and acne.

How to prevent skin blemishes.
As we have seen, #hyperpigmentation can take various forms, more or less severe. Leaving aside the genetic factor, which is inevitable, first thing to do to combat skin blemishes is to protect the skin with suitable sunscreen. However, that is not simply to use sunscreen in the summer on the beach warns. All year should be applied to the face a day cream with SPF. Although cold winter or the rain or the sky is cloudy, the sun’s rays reach our skin standing. Finally, in addition to the specific creams, vitamins are excellent allies skin, particularly vitamin C and E.




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