The Hands, being one of the most exposed areas of the body, are gradually undergo a process of skin aging.
Skin looks ipoelastic  and in fact, if pinched, folds not retourn toned immediately. They also bear the unsightly stains which, together with dehydrated skin, help to give the hands a senile.
The beauty of hands attracts our attention, then the face and neck as they form part of the body more discoveries and more obvious.
Hands put us in touch with others and epidermal communicate through gestures.
The deaf, even, speak with your hands. Even for this care of them has an important meaning in the aesthetic medicine.

Hands, especially female ones, when beautiful and well-maintained, affect us because underlying special messages and affective (strokes). Conversely, when we are asked a hand dry and wrinkled and sweaty or greasy, possibly with nails neglected to gather with some disgust and palm shell, in order to limit skin contact.
Our hands, even more of the face, come in contact with others.

The female hand is on average smaller than that of the male of about two centimeters in length and a width, with the same body structure, and is less powerful and more sensitive, almost like that of children.
The skin is thinner and more delicate than that of the back of the hands, very similar to that of the contour of the eyes. It presents only one stratum corneum unlike that of the palms which is thicker also for obvious needs of “socket”.
That is why the skin on the back of the hands, besides the fact that it is an area of ​​the skin constantly exposed to solar radiation, is more vulnerable, than the skin of other areas of the body, to damage from exposure to chemicals in the home and professional, which detergents, surfactants, solvents, etc ..
Wash your hands too often, such as when we are in the presence of manic hygiene, it can damage the epidermis.  The mantle hydro saline  covers the stratum corneum, the most superficial epidermis, giving the skin elasticity and protection.
Important to protect our hands with gloves during houseworks and use mild detergents or, in some cases, the water alone.
The hands of one person, as well as the neck, often reveal the “real age” of the subject before the face that is often more appropriately cared for and even “camouflaged” with the make-up, and one of the first brands of skin aging accelerated is constituted by the appearance on the back of hyperchromic stains, more or less numerous and more or less obvious.
Cosmetics with lightening action often give disappointing results; good improvements are obtained instead with specific chemical peels (kojic acid, mandelic, lactic, glycolic etc.) and some types of laser light (pulsed light, etc.).
The key issue is, however, a suitable prevention with highly moisturizing creams (W / O) and fotoprotettori to maximum protection (SUN BLOCK) as for the face and neck.
Paola Frizzarin
 fFACE HANDSace-in-hands

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