The idea always triggers a bit of hilarity but studies that experts have conducted on Fish pedicures are far from inconsequential.


The Fish Pedicure is performed in beauty centers more specialized and in some centers treating diseases of the skin where the patient is made to sit at his feet and is located a large tank full of fish, the Cyprinion and Garra Rufa. These two species, in particular, appartententi the carp and minnow family, they are famous for being greedy dead skin and cuticles, a voracity that has very positive effects on their “victims”.


On the palate of small fish welfare centers have thus built a real business by creating care treatments of psoriasis of the hands and feet and the results, as we read on some public records, always seem to be insured. However, many women choose to undergo Fish Pedicure only to feel his hands and feet softer. In fact, those who have tried the treatment swears he now hands smoother, just like after applying a moisturizer.



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