Living is better than survive.


Child with cancer
Child with cancer


The journey more interesting is not traveling the world, visiting havens blue and blue skies, the best #trip and the more complicated it is within us, a thousand clouds, tunnels, and escapes.


Fear of the future is likely to wage a struggle against the disease, which paralyzes and takes away the energy to live the present. The strength to fight the disease in favor of life is a source of pure, strong, fresh and indomitable, is climb mountains and smile from the heart.


Pure #love of #life, a lesson that can change the criteria and enhance life in every little puff, flower petal and hug.


You reach a wisdom, maybe silent prior, in favor of extraordinary human  priorities.  I have an example of a person winning that I consider a wonderful warrior of strength and courage that is able to defeat the dragon, this terrible disease, very common today that does not look at anybody, neither status nor age.


To operate the chemical allopathic there need inner strength, strong need and clinging to life, wants to go to war, that journey, the journey of a thousand tunnels that teaches us more than a lifetime, the inner experience, there mature, grow, develop and adhere to a blade of grass and the smile of a child.


To grow someone learns from an illness, someone from a spiritual journey, someone from a fall from a horse, or a separation.


Emerges the desire to feel good, to do and say things that never did and said, to travel, to volunteer.


Welcome the constructive experiences.


Good life to all, and a lot of strength to those who struggle daily with the dragon.


Dedicated to all the sick, great warriors.




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