The #Resilience.
The ability to recover readily from illness, depression, adversity, or the like; buoyancy.

THE EXTRAORDINARY #HUMAN #ABILITY to get up, GO ON FOREVER, building on experience.
The ability to cope in a positive way to traumatic events, to reorganize their lives positively face of difficulties, to rebuild remaining sensitive to the positive opportunities that life offers, without alienating their identity.

Resilient people are those who, immersed in adverse circumstances can, despite everything and sometimes against all odds, to deal effectively with the opposition, to give new impetus to their existence and even to reach important goals.


  • instinctive characteristic of the first years of life, when the mental processes are         dominated by self-centeredness and sense of omnipotence;
  •  affective: it reflects the emotional maturity, sense of values, the sense of self and socialization;
  • cognitive: when the subject can use the intellectual capacities symbolic-rational.An adequate resilience is a result of the integration of these elements  instinctive, #emotional, cognitive and #emotional.The person “resilient” can be considered the one that has developed psycho and psicocognitiv sufficiently integrated, supported by experience, by mental capacities sufficiently valid, the ability to always judge not only the benefits, but also the emotional-affective interference.
Overcoming negative events, having the opportunity to learn from the experience, to preserve it for the future, as in a database, to be back in balance, through a new process of adaptation to the environment.
Emerging new skills and strategies for future similar experiences.
Since prehistoric times, the #resilience, the process of human evolution and adaptation to the environment they have always accompanied.

by Paola Frizzarin



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