Diet plays an important role. For natural #nailshealthy and strong we must pay attention to nutrition. The diet should be balanced, varied, rich in vitamins and minerals, preferring foods that contain active ingredients that promote the production of keratin, the protein that makes up fingernails. Vitamin H (biotin), it is found mainly in the:

oil cod liver, butter, eggs, carrots, melons, apricots, spinach, persimmons, pumpkin and potatoes. Calcium is found in milk, cheese, yoghurts, in leafy green vegetables, beans, peas, sardines, salmon and almonds.

Molybdenum is found in dairy products, green leafy vegetables, liver and kidneys.

Zinc is found in meat, eggs, sardines in shellfish and oysters.

Sulfur is found mostly in garlic and onion. Silicon is found in garlic, the onion, the shallot, cauliflower and on cereals
Finally, some advice, simple but effective.

Remember, do not bite your nails! If you have that habit, apply the glaze special, bitter taste and to wash your hands using cold water.
Avoid cut your nails, it is better to file them. Ah, remember to treat even those feet!

Moisturizes cuticles with almond oil or jojoba and you will have a soothing effect and a pedicure more lasting, if there was a predisposition to the nail incarnated can give you relief but is fundamental  a good cut of the nail, done by professionals, or esthetician specialized or podiatrist, is vital.

The #feet support us every day of our lives, we have to treat them.
Hands help us in every single movement essential daily
make us communicate with the world, present ourselves to the next, painting, cooking.
Let us take #goodcare, protection from external agents, from detergents
apply sunblock to #preventaging and  #handmoisturizingcream every day.
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