#Comfortfood.               #TRENDSONMODERNFOOD

How many times after a hard day at work or after an argument we feel like eating chocolate or chips or other foods that we’ve come to associate with the consolation? It happens, so, to take refuge in the so-called “comfort food”,  that is in extremely high calorie foods that, by taking on our feelings and our unconscious needs, can quench our emotions through the stomach. Provide immediate satisfaction, creating dependency and the basis for the accumulation of weight.

And then when we are sad, we try to overcome this feeling by eating. When we feel #anxious try to alleviate the #symptomsofagitation with food. Boredom is perhaps the most common form of mediation emotional feeding. Eating may be a legitimate reason to stop a boring. The anger, in forms of resentment, jealousy, anger or frustration can be associated with excessive eating. Generally these attitudes are due to the fact that you can not get what you want and then you eat to romp and receive a momentary contentment.

To all this is added the action of the mass media that weighs heavily on daily food choices among consumers by creating the psychological conditions for which sales of certain products are always high. The language of advertising makes use of various gimmicks like the excitement, fulfillment, eroticism, emotions, memories and insinuates the illusion that it is possible to achieve that particular state of mind through the consumption of a product . Here is that the mechanisms of hunger and satiety are destabilized, conditioned by the presence on the market of products extremely attractive, little nutrients and very often also cheap that act as “drugs” on our brains, making us deaf to the real needs of the organism.

We must also point out that many processed foods are made “at the table”, without which no detail is left to chance. Recently, an interesting article published in the journal International, citing the latest book sugar Salt fat Pulitzer Prize Michael Moss, underlines how industries that churn food consumer to study and design the food “emotionally perfect” in order to retain the consumer, rather than feed him.

But how many of us, emptying the bag of chips, licking his fingers, and basking in the last croc, they really know to be employees? How to get out of the vicious circle of comfort food that, in the long run, they themselves become a source of discomfort when he abused? Knowing this, perhaps, is already starting to change!


Now the OMS is totally against the read meat, cancer ecc,

and after some hours, there are the OK of Europe with Algae and Insects……….. Now the coffea…..  Worldwidw contract with……

I love  nature but not insects……Insects for the birds….

Next commercial news will be?


A woman poses with a locust on her tongue at a discovery lunch in Brussels September 20, 2012. Organisers of the event, which included cookery classes, want to draw attention to insects as a source of nutrition. REUTERS/Francois Lenoir (BELGIUM - Tags: FOOD SOCIETY) - RTR386PP



Pasta with tomato sauce basil and grated parmesan


Bruschetta mit Tomaten und Basilikum




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