And #musclepain (myalgia)

are common symptoms in many conditions.
Can occur alone, but may also occur in association with other events is not as painful, for example, fatigue, headache, fever.
The muscle aches can, all age groups, although they are more common in adults and the elderly.
Different muscle pain, in fact, can manifest themselves in different ways and know how to describe (acute pain, cramping, oppressive) can, in many cases, the suspects diagnostic address in one way or to the specialist.

Different is the case of muscle pain persistent and of a certain intensity and that do not have an apparent explanation.
It may occur after intense physical activity, poor posture and lack of physical activity and flexibility.
I suggest :
correct and constant physical activity, depending on the specific of our constitution, good stretching,
healthy food,
for the muscle pain cream with arnica, or arpagophito, topical, or patches.
A physiotherapy massage two or three times a month.
Good health to all.

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