Random Act of Kindness.




300 students killed in a university in Kenia.


#randomactofkindness is a selfless act preformed by a person or a group wishing to either assist or to cheer up a individual person is to be kind, thoughtful , use your manners, give out compliments , volunteer , and or forgive someone.

Random Acts of Kindness Project
The Random Acts of Kindness Project (a.k.a. “RAK”) is an official York University club and a movement of students doing acts of kindness for other students
RAK aims to improve the social culture and inspire student involvement at York University. This is to be accomplished through large-scale acts of kindness carried out by members of the club on specific dates, as well as through ongoing kindness campaigns designed to inspire an atmosphere of positivity at York.

We try to be unselfish , in a reality so delicate, full of hatred, misunderstanding, killings meaningless and imperialism.
Life is precious and unique for all humans , animals and plants , we learn respect .

This violence led by a thousand interests  will not make us evolve




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