#Papaya, extraordinary exotic fruit perfect to taste breakfasts and light snacks,  performs numerous wholesome actions: anti-aging of the skin and eyes, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, digestive.
It is a fruit with high vitamin (contains vitamin A and C), the papaya is also a mine of valuable minerals and fiber. It has a high content of potassium, from the functions draining and anti-asthenia. Contains many antioxidants and papain, its enzyme, and has an important anti-inflammatory, draining and anti-cellulite effect.
Youthful effect
One of the beneficial effects of the papaya, concerns the skin. Specifically, the vitamins and minerals act as precursors of youth and brightness while antioxidants reduce the production of free radicals and inflammatory conditions.
The papaya has good amount of vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, niacin (vitamin PP), riboflavin and thiamine (vitamin B). Moreover, in the pulp of the fruit contains essential minerals for health and beauty: magnesium, potassium and  also helps to reduce the workload of the liver and facilitating intestinal transit. It stimulates liver function by helping the digestion of proteins and, together with fibers easily restore bowel regularity (also helping to deflate the belly).
The introduction of papaya in the diet, then, is a good solution when you embark on a food detox program (for example the change of season).

Even for those suffering from gastritis
It is no coincidence that the papaya is one of the fruits are also suitable for people suffering from gastritis or digestion difficult. Everything about the papain enzyme characteristic of the fruit, which helps digest proteins (especially meat), “breaking them” and facilitating the work of the stomach, liver and intestines.
The advice is to eat the fruit before the meal to introduce the necessary enzymes to the next digestion. At the intestinal level, papaya also acts as a “cleaner” because it is able to prevent any bacterial proliferation. It is, therefore, very useful after periods of over-eating and after eating high fat meals and messy.
Therefore, being a food purifying, papaya can also help improve problems such as acne and blemished skin-inflamed.
The papaya is a fruit anti-aging par excellence: the eyes, skin, heart and liver are therefore protected by the consumption of this tasty fruit.




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