The production of endorphins in the body can lead to a feeling of well being. Endorphins also help alleviate the pain. These substances are part of ancient survival mechanisms, which allowed us to continue fighting even when we are under stress.

Endorphins are chemicals produced by the brain in the anterior of the pituitary. They are classified as neurotransmitters. They have analgesic properties that make them more  powerful even morphine. Moreover, the term means morphine endorphins produced by the body
A strong emotion or intense training can cause the release of endorphins.

Some examples to train the body to stimulate the endorphins are:

Be with those we love.
Training in the sport, with constant and extraordinary sense of well-being and peace.
Enjoy your favorite food.
Listen to music. Sing.
Reading a book outdoors in the garden.
The power of hugs and smiles.
Stroking our pets.
Smell the scents of lavender and vanilla
Positive thinking always in the deepest part of ourselves …
Clean a beach contaminated by plastic bottles, cups, cans, left by rude and ignorant people. Repect the nature and animals.
Do the job we love and try to find the opportunities around the world, no waiting at home… Time pass very fast and life is very short!

Paola Frizzarin




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