Foods that improve cellulite help us overcome an aesthetic problem very annoying. There are some foods that have the ability to counteract the action of other foods, which, as acids, free hydrogen ions in our organism capable of affecting the connective tissue and to cause the typical orange-peel skin. Surely food intake mineralizing, fresh fruits and vegetables, which contain many vitamins and a high amount of water.

Very useful against cellulite are the berries, currants, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries. All these fruits contain an abundance of bioflavonoids, vitamin C and salicylic acid: these are active ingredients that are able to maintain intact the walls of the capillaries and thus to prevent the escape of liquid. Cherries are able to provide the body with many useful minerals.

Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C and can protect capillaries, besides the fact of possessing the substances that help remove toxins. Among such substances we must not forget the citrate, which are particularly present in the lemon. That’s why cellulite can be combated with citrus. Even the Kiwis are very rich in vitamin C helps strengthen blood vessels and fight constipation, especially when eaten on an empty stomach. Bananas are rich in potassium and can counteract the action of sodium.

Eliminate cellulite is easy also by consuming fruits like pineapple and papaya. The latter contain the specific enzymes able to counteract water retention. These enzymes are found mainly in the leaves of papaya and pineapple stem. Just these parts of the fruit in question may then be used to make points decoctions and infusions.

Carrots are foods that improve cellulite. Contain vitamin B, vitamin C, beta-carotene and docarina, which is able to improve blood circulation and promote the elimination of excess fluids. It ‘better to eat raw carrots, so they do not lose their high content of vitamins and minerals.

Spinach is good, they can make a major contribution to counter the problem, because they contain potassium, phosphorus, calcium and other minerals, are rich in antioxidants, which can stimulate circulation and to make a detoxifying effect.

Celery, abounds in water, vitamin C and potassium. The latter, contained in abundance also in eggplant, through diuresis, is able to counteract the action of sodium, which is contained by the very salty foods. Do not forget that the fight against cellulite is fought at the table.

Eating healthily is important, but so is avoiding mistakes like a wrong distribution of meals, chewing incorrect. The diet is sometimes not enough to reduce cellulite, you have, in fact, make some basic decisions very important to act on the issue. There are some basic requirements to be observed in a diet so that detoxification and cellulite. No substances harmful to the liver such as fried food, animal fats, foods with additives, alcoholic drinks and coffee. Use a little salt. Sodium retains water, encouraging the retention and lymphatic stasis and therefore cellulite. Better to replace refined white salt with the integral marine and to flavor food use herbs, red pepper, garlic, onion. Drink, drink and drink again. At least a half liters of water a day. Better if between meals and natural that helps eliminate water stagnation connective tissue through the kidneys, skin and faeces. Eating little and well, customized gymnastics, aerobic activities 3/4 times a week, is essential to keep the body strong, healthy with good circulation and low toxins, a healthy weight.


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