Career, relationships, money or any other dimension of our lives.
The success is in fact a personal concept with a different meaning for each of us, according to our current needs, brings us satisfaction, sense of well being and happiness.

Personal satisfaction, has nothing to do with material things and even with the crazy shopping or a nice house or a car.

The real purpose is born from cultivate love for people, from our rooth, our family, for themselves, for others, a search for health and inner balance, the result of constant development of the qualities and talents, to achieve a common goal. The happiness of health, life only belongs to us!

The brain releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that is activated just when we live rewarding experiences, giving us a wonderful feeling of pleasure.
Even physical activity, good deeds as do charity and caring for others, active circuits of pleasure.

Many activities we can choose to express the potential talent, but many talents lie dormant in people, or for education or lack, culture or indifference, consumerism and superficiality.

Let’s discover these talents and leave them free to express themselves, like singing, painting, playing an instrument, study, read, write, take pictures, leave out the creativity, we are happy and aware that we are fortunate, our basic needs are met, but not for all!

Paola Frizzarin



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