#Thetomato is made from 93% water, 2.9% carbohydrate, 0.2% fat, 1% protein and 1.8% fiber.
The sugars are represented by glucose and fructose, while the acids are mostly present as citric, which represents 90% of total acid, and malic acid.
The amino acids of tomato include all those considered indispensable power: glutamic acid, aspartic acid, asparagine and the treolina. Among the pigments are carotenoids, lycopene (87%) and beta-carotene.
Lycopene has a strong antioxidant action and by recent studies it was discovered that it is able to slow the proliferation of tumor cells. According to an American study regularly consume tomatoes diminish drastically the risk of ovarian cancer for women and prostate cancer in humans. Moreover, in the tomato, would be present two fatty capable of avoiding the formation of carcinogenic substances in the body. Thanks to lycopene tomato also plays an important protective action for the skin.




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