#Creativity is the expression typically human and is based on the possession of a language of words, numbers, musical notes, paintings, and the act of making new creations, the invention, the expression of something new.
Be curious, be a creative together instinctively, head and belly, be enterprising, to cultivate talent and passion, will be the future, my vision.
But it is the only human expression. Many species of mammals, especially primates, and some species of birds, have creative insights that can also be transmitted to other parties through imitation.
Wallas elaborated a theory of the stages will then be resumed with little change by many others; he believed that the creative process could be divided into four phases: preparation, incubation, illumination and verification.
The preparation phase is configured as a data collecting, thoughts freely, look and listen to suggestions, the mind wanders.
The second moment, between the preparation and the lighting. The collected material is not simply introjected, but proceeds in a processing period, of which the creative mode has little or no awareness.
The idea of ​​lightning and disruptive and is the third time, the lighting: where earlier there existed the confusion and darkness, now the solutions and ideas appear and flock clearly, can be a sudden insight, or clear vision, or a feeling, something between an impression and a solution.

The verification closes this sequence; it is necessary so that the solution does not exceed the critical evaluation of the innovator, or even an audience.


CREATIVE thinking skills: capacity to think outside the box and put existing ideas together in a new combination.
Expertise, Knowledge, motivation, skills, PASSION to be creative, opened mind, look at other realities, inspiration, empathy to understand the needs of the other people, creating solutions.

Paola Frizzarin





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