What is for me Christmas? A party to be with the one you love, which is also celebrated throughout the year, sharing a smile, a hug, a problem, a typical dish of the country where each was born.
Maybe Christmas is every day for someone, perhaps someone can not celebrate because no home, no work, unfortunately it can happen.

The gifts if we are ok but it is not the party of the consumer, mad to exchange the iPhone 6 plus, then it does not feel more … It’s very strange but it always happens .. Relatives who see only the religious holidays, not know what to say and not have anything to talk about with my heart .. Not even a phone call between brothers and friends, always silly excuses ..

We use the heart, talk and smile with the heart, try ..

We who live away from home and we spend, the parties far we have much more understanding and sensitivity compared to those who stay at home to live with mom and dad, without ever having the chance, or no power to solve their problems by themselves, the only condition growth and maturity ..

An atmosphere of lights, colors, cook together, eat at a large table, tell and listen, wonderful feeling that fills the heart, makes you feel good and gives feeling of well being.

It does good as you can, every day, will be a great life experience, lonely elderly, adults living on the streets, children with fancy paint and play, abandoned animals, so much to do.
Open your heart !!!
Merry Christmas to all of you.

Paola Frizzarin


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