ARE WE all crazy for junk food??



Are we all crazy for #junkfood ??

And the #Weight?

The high-calorie foods rich in sugar, salt, fat, preservatives poor but what we do best, for our taste buds I am now a real magnet.
It is produced with a mixture of ingredients dosed to create maximum pleasure response, capable of favoring the#releaseofdopamine, the neurotransmitter connected to the feeling of satisfaction, for which it engages a vicious circle. Once you try the pleasure caused by this kind of food it is difficult to do without. For this reason they tend to consume more often and in greater quantities. Besides dopamine, unfortunately, it does not accumulate and runs out quickly. In this way, then you get to physical dependence, addiction, since the intake from fatty foods stimulates dopamine receptors; then if these receptors are no longer stimulated, not taking them, the body feels deprived of a substance that therefore requires your body, thus triggering the mechanism of addiction.

– When you feel like snacks, chips, snacks, burgers etc. or they are offered a test resist. You think you can look for a healthy treat even in natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains. The assumption is that the real satisfaction comes from knowing that you can change your eating habits by promoting a healthy lifestyle.
– When you’re among the shelves of the supermarket choose products according to the list that you wrote and bring with you only the money needed to buy what you have listed.
– Go to the supermarket just after eating. When you are full, there is less likely to choose junk food,
– Learn the good habit to read the label and the ingredients to know the true nutritional content of what you eat and add to cart.
– Organize the number of meals and snacks to give you limits in the amount of food to eat during the day will help to limit the consumption of junk food .
– Generally the dishes that are prepared at home are healthier than fast food .
– Spend more time at breakfast , lunch and dinner. Never eat standing , but at the table in order to live the meals as a time of health and wellness.
– When you find yourself eating out food restaurants choose which propose alternative healthy foods with tastes than you already know.
– Share the moments of meals with family, friends and colleagues who have good nutrition
– The Junk food brings the consequences of metabolic disorders , obesity , enriches the multinational of the meat , filling animals of hormones that we ingest .
– Remember that healthy eating makes you healthier and gives well-being and long life .

Happy and healthy 2016.



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