#Rice holds the record of most food consumed in the world; but because the response is comprehensive and complete.
It ‘a very ancient custom linked the wish of abundance, wealth, prosperity and fertility, dating back to the primitive tribes and their use to consume the rice during the rite of marriage.
In the East, rice is a staple food for thousands of years. There is in fact a Chinese saying to express the importance: “One works and nine eat rice”. In other words, if rice is grown there is food for all.
In cooking the rice starch is used for the preparation of desserts in order to make them lighter, and to facilitate the leavening. Try adding a tablespoon of rice starch to classic dough for the cake.
Experience the use of #ricestarch also to replace eggs in baked #dessertvegan (1 tablespoon per egg). The rice starch can also replace the flour in the preparation of creams and puddings. This way you will get the gluten-free recipes if you use rice starch instead of wheat flour.
On contact with skin rice starch it is useful for its soothing, refreshing, calming and anti-itching. It is a polysaccharide derived from rice flour which is employed both in cucinache for natural cosmetics.
And is the most widely used rice varieties, but this does not mean that is the most suitable in all cases.

#The rice common, in fact, is poor or even fiber-free, since it is subjected to a refining process that allows the elimination of most external part of each grain. It is the bran, which contains precisely the fiber. White rice has a very high glycemic load. It has an astringent properties.

#Brown rice has a lower glycemic index. This type of corn fiber and bran and presents therefore is particularly useful for the ability to provide satiating action and stimulates the intestinal transit.
red rice is obtained in a very special way, thanks to a meeting between different rice varieties, suitable for those who want to keep the arteries clean.
#Black rice, contains large amounts of anthocyanin pigments found in the outer part of each grain, this kind of rice has strong antioxidant and anti-aging. . It has a good amount of vitamin E and is high in fiber. For its very strong flavor, it is often considered an aphrodisiac food.
#Parboiled rice, obtained thanks to a specific process (with procedures soak, steam and drying), able to harden the starch in the surface and thus cause changes to the cereal, which is storable for longer, with a lower glycemic index and cooking times required lower than other varieties. It has a content of iron and B vitamins much higher compared to polished rice (which has undergone the process of refining).

Paola Ftizzarin


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