Alternatives and Detox from Nickel


Gioielli-Con-Magneti-E-Raggi-Infrarossi-Lunghi-Nickel-Free nickel-free-titanium-rings

Avoid the food with #Nickel as much as possible, eiminate foods containing nickel for about a month and reintroduce them rolling a few amount one a week and see if you digest.

To improve from a metal poisoning takes perseverance, discipline ourselves, time, because there took time x accomulare nickel in our bodies.

#Detox – far infrared Sauna and Turkish bath, the toxins and metals are excreted in sweat. Exercice 2/3 times a week also help to be health.

#Lemonjuice contains valuable vitamins and minerals to help detox your body and help it become resistant to some diseases. The vitamin C helps rejuvenate your skin by generating collagen in the tissue. A glass of warm water on an empty stomach, with the juice of a lemon squeezed, stimulates the intestinal functions, provides vitamin C and free from toxins the organism.

#Garlic is very effective against heavy metals. The presence of selenium bioactive makes it particularly effective against mercury and lead: its action oxidizes these metals making them soluble in water.

#Coriander for example, also called oriental parsley, is effective against mercury poisoning. We should take the coriander in combination with Chlorella to prevent the toxins eliminated from the coriander at first can be absorbed by the body again. This is a unicellular alga widespread in fresh waters.

#Turmeric, helps the body excrete toxins, often triggered by its heavy metals. And is particularly effective when used in conjunction with black pepper or even better ginger. The curry contains turmeric.

#Herbal teas: use security solutions very valid. What are the most useful options? Those based on fennel, anise seeds and dill, which are chosen especially to contain the symptoms affecting the gastrointestinal apparatus.
#Zeolite: between natural solutions the activated zeolite. with structure of crystalline base – that is available commercially in the form of capsules and powder, and which may be useful against this allergy because it is able to capture the particles also present in small amounts in many foods that contain nickel ..

#Perilla oil: What is it? A supplement that has as its main base oil seeds homonym herbaceous plant, which is grown mainly in China, Japan and Korea. The Perilla oil is marketed in pearls, generally about 750 mg each. The Perilla plays a very important role in supporting the body’s physiological defenses.

#Black currant oil: another alternative useful when talking about natural therapies against nickel allergy is the oil of black currant, a useful supplement to support proper function of cell membranes. Marketed in most cases in the form of pearls.

#Ganoderma Lucidum: also known as Reishi, is a fungus whose beneficial properties have been known for millennia. It can be an effective cure for nickel allergy, containing mainly affecting the gastrointestinal symptoms.

The heavy metals do not distribute evenly through the body. They bioaccumulate in certain organs. Ni bio-accumulates in breast and ovary.

If you’ve been exposed to large amounts of nickel, and believe it to be affecting your health, it is important to take proper measures to get your body back in balance. Overexposure to nickel is most commonly caused by the frequent use of cell phones and PDAs, or wearing a piece of jewelry containing nickel for a long period of time. If water is not filtered properly, it can still contain small traces of nickel, even when it is determined safe for consumption.
Paola Frizzarin



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