Body and Psyche psychosomatic correlation.

When the body defends itself from emotion or unpleasant events and claiming an intolerable hardship on some organs, such target.

Psychosomatic correlations, body and psyche.
• Disorders of the musculoskeletal system will “speak” of inconvenience related to the support, flexibility, rigidity, the ability to “carry weight”, freedom of movement, for independence or autonomy.
• The skin manifests problems related to contact, communication, emotional expression, relations, acting as a “canvas” on which to paint their deepest emotions (such as anger, irritation, rejection, sense of ingustizia, repressed aggression) or states of stress.
• The respiratory system can be told of the problems that are experienced in family and business and conflicts, hardships, sorrows or frustrations that you will “breathe”; the need or the lack, metaphorical, space and “air”, of independence or autonomy. The disorders that occur in the corresponding organs (asthma, shortness of breath, hyperventilation, shortness of breath) may indicate a lack of zest for life, the loss of the desire to continue living, but also the fear of losing their lives.
• The digestive system is the way we “digest” and “swallow” experiences or life situations, to assimilate or eliminate them; the ability to manage anger and aggression; to “hold” and to let go; live fears and insecurities.
• The cardiovascular system expresses the ability to manage our deepest affection, instincts and emotions, the ability to give and receive love; to allow free “circulation” of joy, of passion, of love in our lives. Palpitations, arrhythmias, painful sensations, vasomotor disturbances etc. They can be traced back to the experiences of type abbandonico and early separations in the emotional life of stakeholders. The large disturbances invce, can be attributed to continuous psychological stress combined with some personality characteristics (including strong competitiveness, ambition, aggressiveness).
• The urinary tract can manifest problems related to contact, communication, interpersonal conflicts or deep fears, while the reproductive system often expresses conflicts related to sexuality, relationships, to anger, anger, frustration or aggeressività repressed.
• The immune system can report states “conflict” somatized in the body as allergies, infection or inflammation; the symbolic attempt to “fight” environments or situations perceived as dangerous or problematic.
• Headache: the headache may indicate the need to loosen the excessive rational control, and then the desire to leave more room for intuition. Usually, in fact, those who suffer from headaches have a clear mind and rational (too), he should always control everything without giving in and never let go;
• Stomach pain: When you often suffer from gastritis, heartburn or other digestive disorders, often the attitude is typical “swallow” too often the offenses of life. The motto of these people is “turning the other cheek”, but at the same time brooding anger and deep resentments. Doing so forces the stomach to a slow and complex “digestion” of anger. In practice, they are victims of too much “diplomacy”;
• Intestinal disorders: A gut then constipation may indicate an excessive attachment to material goods, but can also represent fear to uncover unconscious contents and emotions from which you can not move away. Colitis instead can post those who usually make a scene, do not repress anger and aggression but then feel contempt towards himself for what he has done: the intestine is responsible symbolic of these feelings of guilt and attempts to wipe them out symbolically with attacks of colitis;
• Hands getting sweaty: afflicts mostly shy people, emotional, anxious, shy and lonely and have difficulty in interpersonal relationships;
• rashes: These can reveal that you have a clear its borders and trying to defend himself, metaphorically, to keep others away. But they may also indicate that, while unable to afford it, you would want others were closer.
Psychosomatic symptoms, what to do
• If your body is trying to tell you something, LISTEN!
• Ask yourself what causes stress, worry, anxiety in your life
• Confront those situations with realism and relaxation to change in your favor whenever possible. One day we will all die, this back in the present and appreciated the value of things
• Find the vent valves, do things you enjoy, try with music, yoga, biofeedback, swimming pool, gym, massages, a nice vacation … but above all, that you relax as
• Be aware that the psychosomatic disorders are like alarm bells that your body triggers, flashing lights to take appropriate account of: a bit like the oil light in the car: better to stop now to make that risk a maintenance accident tomorrow.



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