My Life.




I always have been free to choose, #travel, work in different countries,

speak different #languages, communicate with the world, by interchanging a thousand things.

Always having the opportunity to fill me with experiences, study and life, hard, colored, painted every day of different colors and clouds.

Often away from home and the comfort zone, always very close to someone.

The time is a great mediator, always marks the stages of life, reminds us that sometimes we are not eternal, not with the first hair  whites, but by teaching the lesson every  day.

It depends on us, recognize the preciousness or throw it to the wind .. The time always remembers us ..

The situation created every day around us, it is created by ourselves, good or bad, it always makes us understand where we want to be or not ..

Near or far we have to deal with the biggest judge that exists … We ourselves .. with the soul that always knocks at our door ..

Are you happy? Ask yourself … If you say no .. Search and retrieves the dark days .. As long as we are alive we have power to do and undo ..

Love your work and go with your heart, and if where you are you’re tight, go ..

Good happiness to all .. It is the most interesting way that exists, travel inside ourselves and in the world with someone you love ..

Paola Frizzarin


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