Sense of travelling is an experience that involves the body, mind and spirit.

We are not travelling  in the environment that we visit, but it is the environment that gets inside of us, the cultures, the smell of flowers, the colours of the african savannah, the  rich uniqness of the desert.

Only if we have the ability to grow and understand the uniqueness of awareness of life.

it is the environment that leads each individual to make his own choices.

Travelling is a set of all the augmentative stimulation, knowledge and experience.

The internalization of the travel process, enriches, if you let the world outside, get inside of us, you will live so infinitely intense experience, and deep constructive, more than any photo reportage.

The empathy, with its surroundings, this fusion of growth and awareness of nature, is worth than a thousand chat.


Non travellers, or who lives in the comfort zone, will not experience and live  an endless series of adaptation and knowledge situation, acting  like a cactus in front of the issues of life and adaptation.

The most beautiful trip is when we travel, within ourselves as well as we grow with the surrounding environment, sometimes as easy and relaxing or full of tumultuous reality and little choice.

Paola Frizzarin





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