The food we eat every day, around 3 times por day, not all time is fresh, healthy,

with proper amount RDA of vitamins and minerals, and calories. The food is our protection from illness.

Instead of spending money only in supplements, try to eat properly.

Fruit, #veggy, beans, best whole wheat flour, white flour is devoid of healthful properties, fish, chicken.

THE 56% of Americans eat at least three dinners prepared away from home and 40% eat meals not made at home.

These meals eaten away from home are bought pre-made, through home delivery, is not healthy like junk food.

  • #Healthy cooking means healthy eating.
    It is very fun and relaxing cooking, unites the family.
    If you do not like cooking you can get a robot and do many things, but not  necessary private the health to all of your family.
  • Combining the healthy diet with exercice and weight control; the risk of illness is reduced by 30-40%.
  • The serving sizes, are controlling how much you eat. Gradually reducing serving sizes enables most people to stabilize or lose weight.
  • Food label reading.
  • Every time you eat or drink something, just think on what you are doing, if it is healthy or not. If you think that your body is healthy and your weight is balanced.
  • Try to love yourself, every human being is unique. The choice of food, the quantity is sometimes linked to emotions, such as #comfortFood.

Research shows that a DIET having 5-10 servings of vegetables and fruit can cut risks by 20% even before combined with whole grains and beans.

For an informed consumer it is important when food shopping by reading the food labels. Commercial food companies have in their mind only the production, often only business.

Sugar, corn sweeteners salt and fat, palm oil, are added to enhance taste.

Lower prices, means more business for the industry worldwide food production.

Paola Frizzarin


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