The ancient monks after every meal it layed down only 10 minutes, long enough for them to feel refreshed and resume their normal activities.
But what was their secret? Simple, to lie on the left side, which helped them to lighten the entire digestive process.

The reason lies in the very structure of the human body.
Lying on the left side the liver and gallbladder will hang from the right side. To rest on the left side facilitates the secretion of their precious enzymes emulsifying fat and neutralizing stomach acids.
So, if the digestive system is stimulated in this way, the digestion cycle will be shorter freeing from that sense of heaviness that usually prevails for the rest of the afternoon.
So unlike what one might think, to feel ‘lighter’ after food it would take a siesta of 10 up to 15 minutes.
Sleeping on the left side so it seemed like a little trick to regain energy after the meal right away without going through long minutes of exhaustion.


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