Because they give everything without asking for anything.
Because against the power of man, with weapons, they are defenseless.
Because they are eternal children, do not know what is hate and war ..
Because they do not know the money and only console themselves with a place of refuge from the cold.
Because they make themselves understood without a word, their gaze is as pure as their soul. Because they do not know envy nor bitterness, because forgiveness is still natural in them, even if they are beaten.
Because able to love with loyalty and fidelity.
Because they live without having a luxurious home.
Because they do not buy love, just waiting for love, and because they are our companions and eternal friends, that nothing can separate them from us..
Because they are alive.
For this and a thousand other things deserve our love.
If we learn to love them as they deserve we would be very close to God.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta.