#TheVoice manifests and transmits numerous components,
a thousand #emotions, a thousand shades, is able to convey joy, sadness, fear, anger, contempt, tenderness.
The voice is an extremely useful and powerful tool, an important means of communication and expression, like singing.

Anyone with eyes closed would be able to recognize the voice of a loved one, man, woman or child.

Words travel in the air, timbre, volume, and the extension of the voice, are unique components in each of us.

These vocal nuances, are endless, convey a thousand emotions can express and communicate a wide variety of emotional situations.

The good teachers or speakers, for example, when expose something to the audience , is done slowly and quietly, to give the opportunity to reflect on the information provided.

The breaks, if managed wisely, become an invaluable tool in the communication process, for example to emphasize a concept that is important to us.

If the volume of the voice rises, we are probably talking about something that is particularly dear.

A low volume, characterized by words or phrases spoken in a calm way, can reveal very intense emotional factors.

The voice, which as such precedes and surrounds the word, is the result of a complex musical instrument that dynamically depends on:

– Synergistic activity of multiple phonatory and respiratory organs.
– Postural contexts such as the back, the chest, neck, and his muscles, limbs.
– A relationship with the other sensory organs.
– The way of relating to the world of humans and the world around them.



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