Prepare for Summer

The #fatigue that can easily appear in summer is due to many factors, almost all attributable to high #ambienttemperatures, especially if accompanied by high humidity.
The body must maintain its constant internal temperature, roughly around 36-37 ° C, to allow all biochemical reactions and with the essential physiological mechanisms for life to take place in an optimal way.
To operate this natural adjustment in the presence of heat and sultry weather, the body uses different strategies. First, the blood vessels dilate to allow more heat radiation, and this leads to a reduction in blood pressure that is felt particularly “limp” and unresponsive to stimuli.
Then, above all, we sweat and water are lost through sweat and precious mineral salts for the efficiency of the organism, in particular, potassium and magnesium.
If not promptly reinstated, water loss can lead to a state of more or less severe dehydration that occur with muscle fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and lightheadedness, accompanied by a further reduction in blood pressure.
All these manifestations are exacerbated by the simultaneous reduction of magnesium and potassium: magnesium supports various biochemical reactions involved in the transformation of nutrients taken with food into energy and together with potassium intervenes in the process of muscle contraction and transmission of nerve impulses.
A riskier dehydration and its most severe effects are especially the elderly, children in the first years of life, those who sweat a lot.
It is important to ensure the body the right amount of water and minerals, drinking cool liquids (water, juices and centrifuges fruit and vegetables, tea, herbal teas etc.) In abundance, several times a day and even if you are not too thirsty . This recommendation has become law especially for people with more than 65 years, for children in the early years of life and for sportsmen.
Even the power supply must take into account the need to maintain salt and water balance of the body and avoid any extra metabolic effort.
So, they are chosen nutritious food, but light, fresh, and liquid-rich, minerals and vitamins, such as fruits and vegetables in all possible forms. To complete the summer menus, just bring the table fish and legumes (to get the right proportion of proteins and more valuable minerals), some eggs, moderate amounts of cheese and cereals, preferably “wet” (for example, rice salads , barley, pasta, couscous) and whole.
The presence of vitamins B1, B6, B12 and folic acid, in combination with mineral salts, allows, on the one hand, to optimize the energy production reactions by the body, improving muscle performance and the general sense of well-being and, secondly, to protect the business and the integrity of nerve cells.

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