” The magnetic field generates the matter “

(Albert Einstein)


Emotions and Intentions.
Emotions and intentions greatly affect our lives.
Everything that surrounds us, called external reality, consisting of situations and relationships lived, it aims to provide the data, that then our brain has to interpret, in order to evolve and fulfill our lives.
Identity is the set of achievements thanks to the actions, made as a result of decisions taken to transform a state emotional, created by a thought generated by the interpretation of external reality.
Achieving Happiness and serenity depends on these factors, soul, actions, emotions and mind.
It is the intention and not the thought that part of the mind, that comes from the heart, the true architect of the materialization process.
If positive thinking is not aligned with the intention of no use.
If we want to attract into your life, happiness, serenity and well-being you have to know the power of emotions to create good intentions.
The emotions of the transformation process is used to create good intentions goes from 4 basic emotional states:
State of Grace or Abundance Flow.
Fears can influence and control our emotions. Recognize and overcome fears unblocks your energy and consequently your motivation to action.
To overcome the fears you have to carry on, a rational level and study them and then react with reason.
Recognize and overcome fears allows you to draw your in your life what you want.

Paola Frizzarin




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