When we see a man taking care of your beard (or let grow unkempt) you’d think they do it to please his partner. In fact the pomp of facial hair, from the evolutionary point of view, has a greater meaning for men, and women.
The traits that distinguish the male face – with a beard in the front row – would seem to have been favored by sexual selection, the process that encourages the development of certain characteristics to multiply certain  opportunities
Some women appreciate just unkempt beard, bushy other, others love the faces shaved: this lack of a clear preference suggests that facial hair did not evolve to please the fairer sex.
The evolutionary drive behind the barbs could then hide in a form of secondary sexual selection. And although the facial hirsutism is not directly linked to testosterone levels, several studies show that men and women perceive the bearded men as more mature, stronger and more aggressive.
Even the deepest voices are perceived as attractive by women and more dominant by men; beards rather not increase the attractiveness of a face to the female eyes so obvious, but increase the points in terms of dominance to male eyes.
In short, the trend for the beard could be related to the need to compete with other males, even before hitting the female imagination.


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