Eat (well) Laugh Love. And maybe get enough sleep and make the move. Could this be the right mantra to keep in mind to keep your brain healthy as long as possible: this is the conclusion to which arrives a special of the journal Nature devoted to #cognitivehealth. Because net of futuristic promises (and sometimes risky), drugs that protect neurons and potentiate them are not really on the horizon, while it is now clear that the simplest measures and newspapers can make a difference. Healthy diet, abstaining from smoking and alcohol, regular exercise, good sleep keep away cardiovascular disease could improve prevention. The essential thing is to start to “behave well” by young people: it is plausible that the positive effects of a healthy lifestyle occur if you keep for decades and are less obvious but if you begin to think only about sixty years.
What is good to eat?
The brain has a lot of spare circuits, but if we play them all in the first part of life because of bad habits such as alcohol, drugs, head trauma but also an inadequate diet that “poisons” the blood and leads to the brain constantly unhealthy substances in the long run affect cognitive skills.
But what is really good for the brain, then? A healthy diet first of all, it makes omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants and is low in sugar: the Mediterranean is the best, no need to search for “superfoods” chasing exotic fashions but knowledge yes.. Blue fish, walnuts, flaxseed and olive oil for the good fats, antioxidants from fruits and vegetables, meat vitamin B12, fish and dairy products: the power-saving brain is not complicated. But be careful to simple sugars, because they have inflammatory effects on the nervous system and damage neurons. Second rule, getting enough sleep: during the day the brain cells, processing the stimuli.
Just a night of fitful sleep to have difficulty concentrating, the next day.
One hundred laughs like ten minutes of rowing.
Yes even exercise, while chronic stress leads to an overload of hormones with a negative impact on delicate brain structures such as the hippocampus, which is essential for memory.
It speeds up the heart rate, improves circulation, expands the lungs hundred laughs are like ten minutes of rowing. Even smile is good because it facilitates interpersonal relationships and a social network articulated with good reference points for the hard times, now it is certain, protects against cognitive decline and depression also reducing the release of harmful stress hormones to the brain such as cortisol .
The tone of voice, expressions, body language, however, help the mind to decode the message and all that there is on the web, which undoubtedly is changing our brains as they have changed in the past to the radio or TV . A life of rich relationship is a great way to preserve cognitive function, as is keeping the mind active cultivating interests and passions. The neurons form theoretically huge networks and can create innumerable contacts among themselves to do so, however, they need our experience, the more the rich more neuronal circuits growing, becoming stronger and will then be able to vicariare the functions that may be lost with aging.


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