If you check the food labels before buying a food product, you will often find “palm oil” or “vegetable oil”, not entirely healthy from healthy point of view and environmentally.

Barilla, Trunks, Ferrero, Divella, Nestle’, Unilever, Sammontana, although they are aware of the health risks revealed by the recent EFSA publication. The palm production is related to the robbery of lands and the deportation of millions of African and Asian families (land grabbing) and the killing of animals and native environment.

It is also the primary cause of deforestation of woodlands (one cause of CO2 emissions in Southeast Asia), and the devastation of the “natural habitat” to leave space to monocultures such as palm oil. These operations involve serious violations of human rights, the elimination of food sovereignty and reduction of biodiversity.

To overcome some of these problems and clean up the oil palm image there is a sustainable certification (RSPO), which, however, covers only a small share of production, without even mitigate the reported problems.  Palm oil is used by most food companies because it is cheap and lends itself to many uses. According to nutritionists daily intake of high doses of this ingredient can be harmful to health due to the presence of saturated fat.

Even margarine and foods that contain too much saturated fat, of both animal and vegetable. These and other ingredients, in fact, when subjected to high temperatures typical of the industrial processes of the food industry according to experts produce potentially harmful substances to our health with particular reference to the categories of the weak, the elderly and children.

Palm oil is present in the entire system of large food production at industrial level that tends to minimize its own costs by choosing low-cost ingredients but at the same time with a good yield from the point of view of industrial machining.  Some Italian companies, for example, have already begun to replace palm oil previously present in biscuits with sunflower oil or olive oil in a part or all of their products.

The subcategories that in the case of palm oil are the integral oil (the red one), the refined oil and palm kernel.

Palm oil is used by most food companies because it is cheap and lends itself to many uses.




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