This lightens the spirit of friendship, but also the body: the people who have built a large circle of real friends also have a higher pain tolerance threshold. better tolerate painful stimuli, and this thanks all’endorfina, a natural opioid produced by the body and involved in the wellness circuit which, at the same concentration, has a more potent analgesic effect than morphine.

ANOTHER SOURCE OF PLEASURE. An interesting fact about physical activity. Most gym-toned and have endured for as long as pain, but they have also been shown to have fewer friends. And perhaps not only because of time issues: exercise stimulates the production of endorphins. It may be that those who fail to meet this need to feel good about the sport, feel less need to look for in friends.

BE FRIENDS? AGREES. #KaterinaJohnson, a researcher at Oxford University, has discovered this correlation while studying the role dell’endorfina in facilitating social bonds. According to some theories, in fact, social interactions generate positive emotions when the endorphin binds to opioid receptors in the brain. What Johnson wanted to prove was that the endorphin had evolved not only as a body’s natural anesthetic, but also to increase the pleasure generated by the social, interactions essential to human survival. Many studies show that a good social network is associated with a lower risk of psychological disorders (such as depression), physical illnesses and even death.

First of all, others give emotional support, strengthening self-esteem and psychological well-being. In addition, they provide advice, help and information to deal with difficulties and problems. Finally, friends and family help to follow important health behaviors, such as adhering to medical prescriptions or eat properly. According to some research, social support affects health because it protects from the impact of stress Negative: to rely on others to help cope with stressful events and leads to live them more lightly.

And ONLINE? At this point remains to be studied whether the network of friends on facebook and other social networks have health effects, but with attention to privacy or no privacy.




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