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A plastic film skin to restore youthfulness to the face
It is a #newCross-linkedPolymer based on silicon : lying on the skin ” old ” , pulls her up to make her look fresh and young … you can have ( also ) healing properties .

It is a flexible and invisible film, fitting like a second skin, it rejuvenates and cure the “original”, although aged and marked by wrinkles. If you really can keep what seems to promise, this #artificialskin developed in the laboratories of MIT in Boston has the numbers to be a small (large) revolution in the medical field and in the aesthetic.

Polymer WONDERLAND. The final solution to restore the skin elasticity compromised by aging is a silicone-based polymer to be applied on the skin (face and body) to form an invisible layer that reinforces and mechanically relaxes the epidermis, and that can also supply nutrients and healing elements.

ANTI AGING BAGS . The application for a few hours of the polymer (called XPL) on the face of a group of women between 40 and 75 years with this problem has contributed to “stretch” their skin and reduce puffiness and dark circles with results documented photographically and, once so, appreciable to the naked eye. The effect – the researchers – is due to the ability of the material to contract and so relax the fat pads that cause the bags.

FIELD TRIAL. To develop it was Robert Langer, a well-known name in the field of

#biomedicalengineering, head of a laboratory at MIT in Boston, author of hundreds of publications and patents, and founder of several spin-off created to commercialize the results of his research, including Olivo Labs who are working on this second skin.

Nature Materials are reported this week the results of the first tests on a dozen people. The invisible skin is formed from a film of a #polymer (chosen after having tested a hundred) which is first stretched and then subjected to #crosslinking, the process for which you create the bonds between the polymer chains and modify the properties of the material ( an example is the vulcanization of rubber).

It has been tested on the skin of the arm and leg of volunteers to test the application in two phases did not give allergy problems and was well tolerated. But the tests on the most interesting field was that against a typical and widespread aesthetic problem: the bags under the eyes.

HOW LONG DOES IT LAST? It remains to be seen whether the effect can be made permanent,  if the polymer is able to give back to the natural skin a kind of memory – so it does not come back to wrinkle and lose elasticity. Or, alternatively, if they are feasible, for tolerability issues and costs, daily applications of this cream of youth.


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