The suitcase connects via bluetooth to the traveler smartphone: thanks to this electronic leash and a camera is able to know at any instant where the owner to follow him (but also precede or move to his side) at close range, at least on level surfaces .

Baggage. The first prototype of this curious object is not a desing pearl but still offers a number of very interesting features. The fact robo-trolley, in addition to following the owner, is able to avoid obstacles and is equipped with a powerful siren which sounds if an attacker tries to “kidnap”.

And if you were to get lost? Do not worry: the suitcase is able to report independently their position to a smartphone owner. Liebman is convinced of being able to market your own robot in the space of a year.

The NUA Robotics technology lends itself to be easily adapted to other uses: from the robotization of supermarket trolleys to different devices for the disabled.